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Identification of adultery

Life - a very complicated thing, which often presents us with lessons. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. But all our experiences affect our family. And when life comes a black bar (health problems, trouble at work), the couple begin to drift apart. At first, they begin to communicate less, so as not to swear. Then they come into the soul of mystery and suspicion creeps. 

How do I know whether or not your wife went to sit in a cafe with friends, though the husband is delayed at work? And you can expect a surprise , and all this infidelity ? See the truth or not , you decide. But we should not be influenced by emotion, and afflict his soul mate unfounded accusations and blame, because it can only worsen the situation. The only method of detecting cheating - find out where and who is your favorite / pet spends time .

Detective agency "Private detective Ternopil" operates using a number of ways how to check treason :

1) Collection of information through surveillance - is the most common method .

We're not just going to monitor your wife or husband, we will capture all of its meetings and travel. All this will be documented using the latest equipment. To detect infidelity (if any) does not need a lot of time. At the end of our staff will give you all the photos and videos, and other documents that confirm the guilt or innocence of your match . For more information on this service you can read on our site .

2) " test of loyalty " - the most difficult way to check treason.

In this case, the test of allegiance will be with the help of professional actors. They will provoke your soul mate. Using this method, you can check whether your spouse is able or spouse of such an act .

3) a polygraph test - this test of loyalty requires the consent of your spouse .

This method is most often used when both spouses are tired of the constant mutual claims and are willing to find a compromise solution. In people, this kind of test is called a lie detector test . Accuracy information that gives the device is about 99.9 %. The questions are a professional psychologist so that lull . The device reads the response to a particular question, and then determine where the lies , and where the truth lies . Decryption polygraph conducted by experienced specialists, who then give their resume. Details of the polygraph ( lie detector ) can be found on our website.

If you were a difficult situation , I suspect your other half of treason, better consult a professional who will tell you the best solution to this problem. So you can find out the truth , and do not blame her lover / mistress is unfounded.


I noticed that with my bank card money began to disappear. But the card has not been lost. I do not want to think that's all my fault, my fiance. But…


Detectives this agency helped me learn malice one person. But he was my best friend. Such friends, and would not wish the enemy.

Olga Petrovna

Wanted to invest in the construction of a multistory building to further get an apartment there. Thanks for the detective agency that was not given…

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