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Search of people

Increasingly in the media there are wanted posters of missing people. Someone went to work and never came back , someone just walked out of the house . Now, there are a large number of television projects, which are searching for their missing relatives , friends, colleagues. However, to get into such a project is very difficult , and searches can take a long time, and in such cases it is very expensive. The most frequently provided service detective agency " Private detective Ternopil" is the search for missing people . Our agency is developing an individual approach to each order , thanks to this we are looking for people in the shortest lines and provide as much information . In this area, our agency offers the following services:

· Search for runaway children ;

· Search of relatives ( distant , close, half-sisters and brothers , children);

· Search for acquaintances, friends , colleagues , co-workers ;

· Search for people by name ;

· Search classmates , schoolmates ;

· Search for loved ones ;

· Search of escaped debtors.

In our arsenal we have large data bases , the latest technical means by which it is possible to actively search . We cooperate with foreign colleagues in the International Police Association , whereby searches can go international . We can find a person by phone number, name and any other information.

Search for missing people and the recovery of lost connections

Today the search for missing people is the most popular service private investigation . After all, according to statistics, every day in our country lost about a hundred people: one becomes a victim of an accident , someone becomes a victim of criminals , etc. Most of the missing are in the first 3-4 days after treatment in the police. But sometimes there are occasions when the weeks , months and even years , and the man was never found . Detective Agency " Private detective Ternopil" conducts search for people in any region.

If you have lost touch with one of his relatives , and you want to find him , the specialists of our agency will help you with this. With a minimum of information, we will try to get the maximum result . Our agency is searching for the names of relatives . We will help you find your family , which you never knew existed. If you want to find a specific person, which for a long time did not communicate, our detectives will help you to find out his whereabouts.

Sometimes in life there are times when we meet people , we spend some time with them , and then our paths diverge. And after a while there is an overwhelming desire to find this person . Someone does it just out of curiosity to see how his life , and someone in the hope to resume the relationship , because this person is not indifferent . Our agency conducts search for people by name, even if it changed .

Search escaped debtors

Before you borrow a large sum of money , think , and if you can restore it later ? Recently, quite often unscrupulous people or just a scam that after they received the required amount, begin to disappear . Find them pretty hard, especially when the transfer of money was not well documented . Indeed, in this case, the police will not help you . Detective Agency " Private detective Ternopil" searches for people by name or other personal data not only with documents confirming credit operations, but also in their absence .

If you put down your debt your phone number , this is no guarantee that you will be able to it is easy to find, even in spite of the fact that now the Internet can find a large number of data bases. If you want to find any specific information about the owner of a particular number, you 'll realize that it's not so simple. Each database has its limitations , not all phone numbers are listed , almost all of them are paid, and in most cases and fraudulent . The staff of our detective agency to help you find a person by phone number in the shortest line.

Our detective agency search service people organized so that we can find someone as soon as possible . Even if the customer provides very little background information , and the need to find a person by phone number.


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