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Vadim Stanislavovich

Thanks to the staff of the detective agency "Private detective Ternopil" was not a simple task assigned to them. Issues are resolved clearly, both online and directly on the spot. Sincere thanks to all the guys! Nice positive people! The only thing I wish the management would get in touch more often))). I will definitely recommend this agency! All goodness and peace!

Odessa, +380963114121 , vadimcore888@gmail.com

Khoroshchak Roman Yaroslavovych

Thank you to the staff of the detective agency "Private Detective Ternopil" for assistance in a difficult task. I was convinced during performance in professionalism of experts, if necessary I will address and advise acquaintances. Peace to all and good news!

Ternopil, +380686262699 , +46720489961 , https://www.facebook.com/roman.khoroschak

Sergiy Mikhailovich Danilyuk

You are a good company that knows its business by 1000%. Treat your work with great responsibility! Thanks for the attitude. They helped.

 Ternopil, +380967986398

Konyukhnevich Oksana Bogdanovna

I express my sincere gratitude to this detective agency for the quick and qualitative help in a difficult life situation. When my family had to look for a native person, neither the law enforcement agencies nor the search in social networks did not produce any result, only a waste of time. Instead, a private detective, despite the days off, provided exhaustive and timely information. I sincerely thank you for the help, because it depends on you to some extent the life of a person.

+380680531919 , Skype: oksanapavlovlad


Thank you very much. I am 65 years old, her husband died, and the children often live far away and can not come. One woman came to me with a bit of decent mind. Offers to help with the housework. And in return, wants the deed to the apartment. And so are all beautifully says that crept into my soul doubt. I decided to contact a detective agency to find out about this girl. Was swindler. Thank you, was saved.


Thank you for your laptop found. It is so much important information. Do not even know what I would have done if you did not.


I could not believe when the detectives on the minimum information found my best school friend with whom I have long lost touch.


Recently, someone stole my phone. A friend advised me to apply to the detective agency. I could not believe that this will give some result. And in vain. Thank you very much.


Thank you for the work done quickly. Noticed that in the evenings husband started very often stay at work. Turned to the detective. It turned out cheating on me. Now I know in the face of her opponent.


Detectives this agency helped me learn malice one person. But he was my best friend. Such friends, and would not wish the enemy.


After the theft in office, leadership offered to all employees undergo a polygraph test. Many refused. And I went, and now my head is sure in my integrity. Thank detective agency.


Thank you. Alibi that you have made me, it was great. Without your help I would not have believed anyone.


Thanks for your help in gathering information, that alone I would never in such amount not collected.

Olga Petrovna

Wanted to invest in the construction of a multistory building to further get an apartment there. Thanks for the detective agency that was not given to do so. And then I stood together with other investors at the doors of Mount prosecutors.


Thank you for the hard work. If not for your help, would put me for a crime I did not commit. You just saved me.

Igor Vladimirovich

I suspected a leak of confidential information. Employees detective agency "Private detective Ternopil" checked my office for wiretapping and found a few bugs. Thank you very much for security.


Thank you very much for finding classmates. After high school life have scattered around the world. And sometimes you just want to meet and talk.


URAAAA! Detective agency helped me to find my love, who I met on the train. We recently got married.


Thank you for helping deal with the situation and did not give the money to invest in loss-making business. Thanks to you, I am not bankrupt.

Ivan Vasilevich

Many thanks to detective agency "Private detective Ternopil ', which helped me find my wartime comrades.


Thanks to the staff agency for checking my car for any listening devices. After all, the car is quite expensive and it just did not drive away.


Thank agency staff for having helped to restore the lost data on my laptop. I no longer had hoped.


Thank you very much. With a minimum of input data you helped me to find and collect all the necessary information. The work is done in a professional manner.


I am a single mother. I bring up my son myself. One day I noticed that things began to disappear son, and he became a kind of nervous. My heart was not in place. I turned to the detective agency "Private detective Ternopil" fearing that he started using drugs. Thank God, my suspicions were not justified. Although the problem was also quite serious. Son became interested in gambling and he formed a gambling debt, and to extinguish it, it began to sell things.


We had a happy family , relationships which have been built on trust. But suddenly the husband began to control my every move , became nervous and irritable. I asked him what happened, but has not received a clear answer . Then I decided to hire the services of a private agency , because at stake was our marriage . Quite quickly detective found out that my husband is blackmailing the girl with whom he had a fleeting affair , threatening to tell him about everything to me. The situation is certainly unpleasant . But we have lived happily for many years, and destroy everything because of this offense I did not want to . I have forgiven my husband , and this test is only further strengthened our marriage .


I noticed that with my bank card money began to disappear. But the card has not been lost. I do not want to think that's all my fault, my fiance. But other suspects I had. I turned to the detective agency. I do not know how, but they found that all my fault my friend in whose presence I once rented money. Since then I have it no longer communicate. Many thanks to the detectives.


My husband and I are no longer young and have been married for over forty years. But suddenly it asks me to divorce and says that he loves another. I wanted to know everything about your opponent, because she was only thirty, and she is the daughter him good. Employees of the detective agency "Private detective Ternopil" gathered me a detailed dossier on this lady. It turned out that she cheated crook and not a single "old man." Now my husband does not look at the young. Thank agency!

Peter V.

My company has been around for quite a long time working with this agency. His officers check on the integrity of our staff. Thanks to their work, I fully trust my staff. I recommend a detective agency "Private detective Ternopil"


He began to suspect his wife of infidelity. Sought the assistance of a detective agency. Unfortunately, my suspicions were confirmed. With his wife divorced. Agency thank you very much.

Victoria V.

I have a thriving business. But suddenly all the big orders began to simply "go away" from the hands. I began to suspect that the firm wound up a spy. Decided to test it and employed a private detective. Spy was found and all problems are solved. Now the work is on the rise again.


In my life, there was one rather unpleasant situation . And I had to seek help from a detective agency . I have carefully studied the market investigation services , made ​​a few calls . I made my choice in favor of a detective agency " Private detective Ternopil ." At this time I was abroad and personally meet with the detective could not. All I have carried out the necessary payments via money transfer . Sometimes I had my doubts , whether there was any work at all . But fears were unfounded . The guys helped me solve the problem , for which he thanks a lot .

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