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Detective agency "Private detective Ternopil"

Very often unpleasant situations occur in life that cannot be handled independently. The detective agency "Private Detective Ternopol" will help you out of most of the complicated situations. We carry out our activities not only in the territory of Ternopil, but also throughout Ukraine, and thanks to good foreign relations we are also entering the international level.

02 our credo
“Better to do than promise”:

-We try to adhere to these rules, which are not our invention, but the credo of all self-respecting detective agencies

- We guarantee confidentiality for all applicants; we do not transfer information received from clients to third parties.

-We do not mislead customers about the prospects of order fulfillment and its results.

Detective Services
cover very
large range

search for cars and people, including by phone number or data on the Internet

collecting information about the organization or man

conducting external surveillance - for the car, real estate or person


search for cars and people, including by phone number or data on the Internet

collecting information about the organization or man

conducting external surveillance - for the car, real estate or person

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Very often in life there are unpleasant situations that can not cope. From the most intricate situations will help you get a detective agency "Private detective Ternopil." We conduct our business not only in the territory of Ternopil, but all over Ukraine and abroad thanks to the good relations we go out to the international level.

All employees of the agency - skilled professionals , former employees of the state law enforcement agencies. In our team there are some experts : forensic experts , operational workers, psychologists , graphology , polygraph examiners and others. The experience and knowledge , responsible and considerate attitude to work , provide an opportunity to investigate the most complicated cases , hard-to- collect information and conduct search of people . In the course of their work private investigator gathers information , conducts an investigation and prepare a report , which conveys to the customer by hand , sends over the Internet, or any other way you like .

Our clients our detective agency provides complete privacy . We work quickly , coherently and clearly. Our services are designed as a private detective to legal persons , and the physical . Detective services cover a very wide range of areas :

search cars and people , including the phone number or data on the Internet;
collection of information about the organization or person ;
conduct surveillance - the car , property or person ;
legal advice ;
Disclosure of theft and theft ;
conducting forensic examination of any type.

More information about the services you can find on our site.

Check a potential business partner, find out what the teenager track down the missing person will help our private detective. For each client, we find an individual approach and guarantee complete confidentiality .

Our agency can be trusted with the safety of your company at any level of the organization of the company , at the office , checking personnel , monitoring of competitors .

Detective Agency " Private detective Ternopil" inspects the property in Ternopil . Our private detective examine not only the legal purity of cars or real estate , but also the legality of the transaction , honesty seller.

The cost of a private investigator is dependent on the size and complexity of the work , as well as in proportion to the urgency of its implementation . Corresponds to the price of spent time and effort. In support of the work done private detective provides a video and photography , as well as a written report on the work done.

Ukrainian legislation on this point is not yet settled the detective activity , so we are registered as a mass medium that gives us the ability to conduct independent investigative journalism .

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