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Photo and video surveillance

The basis of any of the private detective is people watching. Indeed, any well thought-out and planned operation is performed only after fully investigate the place. At the same time it is one of the most difficult duties of a detective. Anyone who is spying on the person must have certain skills, because the object of surveillance is to know that he was being watched. In addition, you need to have good patience, because sometimes the actions of the object, you can wait for hours or days.

The list of services offered detective agency " Private detective Ternopil" is present and the secret surveillance. It is the most efficient way to gather all the necessary information about the person. There are a number of problems, which suggests the need for such surveillance. The most common are:

· If a client suspects his or her spouse is being unfaithful ;

· If the service staff ( nanny, housekeeper , governess ) in bad faith about his work (establishment of CCTV cameras in your home ) ;

· Observation of office workers in order to detect bribery , unfair performance of the duties of theft ;

· Observation of family members, to ensure their safety ;

· Surveillance for a variety of objects ( cars, storage room , etc.).

But whatever purpose you did not pursue , contact us for help , you can be sure that the operation will take place at the highest level. Our detective agency have all the latest technical tools to conduct secret surveillance . Beepers and beacons , video recorders, video and photo cameras - and that's not the whole system, which is used by our staff for surveillance. In CCTV can be activated any region of the country. At the request of the customer's employee of the agency goes to the place of operation.

To work as a private detective was effective, the customer has to determine the type and purpose of the surveillance. And also provide accurate information about the object of observation ( to describe a circle of communication, provide a photo , etc.). People who come to us for help, we must trust . But even in the absence of baseline information , hidden surveillance will be carried out at a high level. The employees of our agencies conduct covert surveillance during any movement of the object on foot, by car, by public transport.

Covert surveillance video and photography will provide you with the most complete information relating to your person. Especially if professional observation is supported by the latest information from the databases. If you require the assistance of a detective agency " Private detective Ternopil ' , your service will be provided with a professional detective and good technical equipment with which it will be to observe the object. For such services, such as video surveillance, no matter the region. The object of surveillance is not even guess about the conduct of the operation , as we employ highly qualified professionals , which will bring you all the necessary information about the man and his actions .