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Collection of information

The most important part of a private investigator is to gather information. The first item in the plan any operation - the collection of information about a person. Without this, it is simply impossible to take any other measures. If you need information about your business partner, spouse, child or friend to contact the detective agency "Private detective Ternopil ', and our detectives will help you. Our staff knows all about how to verify a person, organization or enterprise.

Our detective agency you choose this services related to the collection of information about a person , such as:

· Kinship and marital status ;

· Verification of lifestyle (complete response , flaws, addictions ) ;

· Sources of income , labor activity ;

• address , residence , place of residence;

· Verification of documents for accuracy of the information ;

· Punch people in the criminal record .

Unfortunately, in modern life are quite common scam . Their victims are not just millionaires , but ordinary people who own real estate , a nice car or have a decent income . Do not fall for the bait speculator is difficult, because these people are well trained and produce the best feeling. If you have any doubt , it is better check . Collect personal data about a person does not take much time , and as a result you will save their property and health.

When collecting information on a legal entity , we can provide you with the following data:

· Information on the method of work - ways of dealing with competitors, the legality of the business ;

· Information about the organization - date of foundation , scope , legal and actual address , subsidiaries, trade ;

· Data about the head - psychological characteristics , personal data , criminal connections .

Many large companies want to be sure their employees , so they are being watched, so that employees do not have any offenses. Therefore, HR managers often ask themselves the question, " How do I find criminal records ? ". The state police criminal records are preparing for a long time , and the time to wait very often do not. In this situation, you can help employees of the agency : using its own database , they will find out for you all the information you need.

Detective Agency " Private detective Ternopil" collects personal data , and this covers every region of the country . If you need to get accurate information rights , our staff will help you to collect it . We can also set the address by phone number in whatever Ternopil region of Ukraine and he was not . We will ensure that any information provided will be reliable , accurate and as objective as possible .