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Detective Agency in Zbarazh

In recent years Ukraine has very quickly began to develop private investigation. And even despite the lack of an adequate legislative framework in this area is growing rapidly and our detective agency "Private Detective Ternopil ', which conducts its investigations as information agent. In this case, in any case we observe certain limits and requirements of the law, for which reason never be to take the offenders and protect their interests. In all other cases, we will do everything to ensure the safety of its customers and solve the problem in their lives.

We are always in his work focused solely on the results, which are ready to add any legal means. You can use our services provided in several ways. And, despite the fact that this list is only now there is more than forty services, each of which is a very highly professional level. These achievements were made possible through the work of our close-knit team, each member of which on their own experience knows what the job of a private detective. Remember that where all the other lowered his arms and tell you to come to terms with the situation, our experts will try to solve the problem again.

Determining whether adultery

If you conduct a survey among ordinary citizens on the subject of what is covered by the staff of the detective agency, it is likely their answer is to identify infidelity husband or wife. And basically they are correct in their assumptions, since it is infidelity becomes the most frequent reason for calling the detective agency in Zbarazh. Betrayal, deception, lover, lover. Unfortunately, sometimes it is indispensable companions some couples. And if one of the spouses is not willing to put up with this situation, it will file for divorce because of infidelity women or men. Here are just even for a formal separation is often necessary solid evidence, especially when the couple tied the marriage contract. We do not deal with the falsification of evidence, but if cheating husband or wife is really the place to be, then you will get from us true facts of this crime against the family. The fact that a person changes will be quite clear on the basis of those reports to be made in the course of photographic surveillance. But as we work not only in the direction of establishing guilt, but also in a direction that will allow understanding and whether the person is able to go for treason. But for this you will need to order a test of loyalty. Privacy you will be guaranteed in any order.

Search for missing people

People search always starts with what should be conducted very thorough analysis of the situation, our specialists to determine the starting point of our search for relatives of the client. In such matters are very important two points. The first relates to the fact that our experts have to get away from you as much background information about the missing and the second point relates to the fact that in any case you need to stay calm. Panic, in principle, is the enemy of any successful business, and has especially where sometimes goes to the expense of a second. Of course, if you can not fill up our database with enough information, then we will take to find a person by phone number or search people by name. In some situations, we are conducting an additional collection of information on databases phones people. But in any case, whether you want to be found by the name of the person or just to find out his address on the phone, we will do everything in our power to provide you with the result.

Securing your business - our work

Even if a company has its own security service, there is no guarantee that they will not have to contact us on this or that issue. After all, not every company can and should contain poligrafloga, which will use a lie detector if necessary. At us you can always order a polygraph test all of its staff. This tool is extremely indispensable thing when there is an investigation of a crime or checking staff on certain parameters. And you can check how all employees and those who cause you much doubt and suspicion. In the same way may be to identify and spies.

Also worth remembering that for you can be installed surveillance by your competitors. But one call to us will be enough to prevent shadowing man. In addition, we carry out inspections of premises to detect eavesdropping devices. Only high-quality and professional search bugs can be considered truly reliable antiproslushkoy. And we have everything to promptly detect wiretapping of mobile phones.




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