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Детективное агентство ТЕРНОПОЛЬ

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The investigation of crimes

The investigation of a crime - it is a complex multifaceted activity that is carried out within a specified time. Detective must examine all the circumstances of the crime and find the people who committed it. To accomplish this you must correctly construct a version of the investigation, conduct a variety of investigations, such as interviewing witnesses, conducting searches, examinations, etc. All this is the responsibility of the private detective.

In all developed countries in the investigation of the crime is often involved private investigators . Although in our country criminal law enforcement agencies are investigating the case , unfortunately, the detective needed assistance to many. After all, a large number of unsolved crimes , lengthy investigations led many to question the effectiveness of our police . If you impose a false charge , or you are interested in discovering a criminal case , or you just need an independent investigation , seek the help of a detective agency " Private detective Ternopil" and the results of our work will not keep you waiting long.

We understand that this service is resorted to only people who are in a very difficult situation in life , so to each client, we find an individual approach . If you or someone close to you people have become victims of a crime , our staff will conduct a private investigation for you . In addition, you ate charged in a criminal case , the employees of the agency prove that the allegations unfounded . Thus, we can help you out even the most difficult situations , we will return the stolen property , will help remove the false accusation.


Quite often, crimes categorized as accidents, and the perpetrators are never caught . But the victims and their relatives , this situation is not satisfied. Our agency will help you to know the truth , we investigate accidents in Ukraine. Employees of the detective agency reveal the whole truth , having an independent investigation .

Perhaps the most difficult type of services that provide a detective agency, is a private investigation . Therefore, this work in our agency perform top-class professionals who have a college degree and many years of experience in law enforcement. Therefore detective agency " Private detective Ternopil" guarantees its customers maximum efficiency in the investigation of the most complicated criminal offenses , regardless of the region in which it is committed.

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