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Детективное агентство ТЕРНОПОЛЬ

We are investigating for anonymous clients

We are ready to work incognito with clients

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Detective Agency in Zalishchyky

Detective Agency in Zalishchyky is virtually the only organization working in the field of private investigation, which has an impeccable reputation and provides its services not only to residents of the Ternopil region and even Ukraine, but also in other countries, if they need loyal and reliable assistants in Zalishchyky. To a large extent this popularity is due to the fact that we have in all the years of our activities have been developed certain principles that over all these years remain the same and help us to stay on the correct course. Of course, one of these principles is confidential. Third parties not only do not recognize the information that comes to us or our customers, but also excluded any option that someone finds out about our interaction with a particular customer. There are situations when even we do not know with whom it works because we give people the opportunity to contact us anonymously. And it is worth noting this option interaction in some cases is very much appreciated.

Another principle - a personality. Despite the fact that each of our service is worked out by our experts to several hundred times, and we already have some tried and tested techniques, we always have individual approach to each order, since there is no guarantee that it was once the request will not appear any underwater stone, which we certainly need to take into consideration. This applies even to matters such as the identification of infidelity husband or wife. It would seem that there may be unusual to find out whether or not the fact of adultery. But it is very much depends on how it is asked to do people. Sometimes the client is already one hundred percent sure of himself that his significant other changes. And we are asked to provide evidence of such a betrayal of a husband or wife, which would be enough to file for divorce because of infidelity women or men. And there are times when a customer or zakazchitsa not sure of treason, and come to us just to get confirmation or refutation of his suspicions. And you can be sure that if you allow this question to us, no one lover will not pass.

Also we have a such a service as verification of allegiance. In this case, there is a check on its human predisposition to treason. All our actions are stopped as soon as it becomes clear whether the person is capable of treachery or not.

Search for relatives, friends, classmates and others

The problem of locating individuals has always been, is and will be, as we may want to protect yourself from this, no matter how many mobile phones or factory, no matter how many accounts in social networks or recorded. But even if such a problem arose in your way, do not panic and give up on missing person. And let our detective agency would be in this case, not your last hope to find a person by phone number or locate by name, but the first one. And for some it really is the only option that allows successfully to search for people by name. Is not unimportant in the provision of such services is the fact that we are tightly interact with our colleagues around the world, allowing us in the search for people to go beyond geographical boundaries. We also have the opportunity to work on databases phones people when you need to install the banal someone's address by phone.

Polygraph test

If you still think that the lie detector - a prop used in the filming of the movie, then you have to say with certainty that it is a working tool of our polygraph examiner who conducts inspection personnel, domestic workers and other categories of people who are required to hear only truth, or just understand what the person is lying. Very good polygraph test reveals dishonest employees whose primary purpose is to conduct surveillance in your company and the collection of information on its activities. But the best deal with security issues in the enterprise complex.

Especially if you and found someone who was leading you hidden photographic surveillance, it is now necessary to detect wiretapping of mobile phones, which is also an indispensable attribute with surveillance of a person. Will be able to do this, our specialists in the process of testing facilities to detect eavesdropping devices. And you can be sure that a better antiproslushki you simply will not find anywhere else.






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