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Lie detector - a polygraph test

In today's world of rapidly began to develop a means of obtaining information. Therefore, the increasing popularity began to use and protection of information that allow you to control the work of employees, and the time to identify their dishonest intentions. One such method is to check on a polygraph.

Polygraph , better known under the name " lie detector " - a technical device, which records the reaction of the human organism to external psychological stimuli. In many European countries, with a job at a large company conduct mandatory checks of the applicant to determine the veracity of information given to them , find out the purpose of employment . The employment contract is not uncommon to see a clause stating that in the case of an internal investigation of an employee is required to undergo a polygraph test . This procedure is becoming more and more popular in our country .

Polygraph test is being used successfully in different life situations. To carry out such a test you can apply to the detective agency " Private detective Ternopil ." Most often, such a service order if :

· Want to evaluate performance and personal qualities of the candidates for a certain position ;

· Your organization's staff became necessary to check on the integrity and honesty ;

· Identify the act of adultery / wife ;

· You have a firm leaked confidential information and you want to test a lie detector employees ;

· And in individual cases to determine the truth.

Printing services - this is a very complicated procedure. The polygraph lie detector will only issue a curve that shows the fluctuation of emotional state of the person , his response to different questions , show emotion, if it took place. A very important point is the transcript . Detective Agency " Private detective Ternopil" has skilled professionals who can decipher the information. Although this is a fairly new device - the lie detector , the price of its operation is very accessible and democratic. Before testing is carried out sniffing person to determine its response to certain questions , including when he was lying.

Is it possible to fool a polygraph lie detector ? It is practically impossible. After all the hidden processes that occur in the human subconscious, you can not control . This means that the body will always respond . Even people who have been trained , are not always ready for a polygraph test . Therefore, we can safely say that the accuracy of polygraph tests about 99.9 %.

If you want to check on the honesty of its employees, and you need a lie detector , contact our detective agency and a member of our staff will leave in any region of the country. Our detective agency works in every corner of Ukraine , even in the most remote region , we provide professional and polygraph .

Unfortunately, quite often acquaintances, friends, family or colleagues are dishonest with us. Well, if you can trust the people around them at 100 %. But if you have any doubts , questions and answers will help you find the polygraph .

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