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Detective Agency in Borschev

Detective Agency in Borschev - a team of private detectives, each of which in the past would have a law enforcement officer, where he received the invaluable experience, which is now used for the benefit of our customers detective agency. We are professionals in the conduct of surveillance specialists to gather information and conduct a variety of investigative activities. In our detective agency also employs lawyers, psychologists, graphology, medical experts, and many other specialists narrow profile, the activity of each of which are aimed specifically at ensuring the safety of our customers and solving of their tasks.

You can be sure that each of our private detective - is not just a professional in their field, but also a person with a well-developed intuition and working solely in accordance with the law. Therefore, we will never undertake the decision of those issues that are criminal in nature and involve a violation of the law.

Identification of marital infidelity in Borschev

Have you got fear that your other half you change? Or do you just feel a strange sensation and feeling that you can not describe in any way and nothing to prove? It is possible that you just want to make sure that there are no grounds for suspicion about your spouse. Then you are in the right place at the right time. In general, private detectives to identify her husband's infidelity or wife used surveillance. Already many years our staff dealing with issues of infidelity. And can execute such orders, as they say, with his eyes closed. But in any case, every situation we only use individual approach, because even though a certain similarity of situations are bound to arise some nuances that we certainly should consider.

Do not attempt to conduct surveillance of telephone husband or wife to find out if you change your loved one. You can not hold back emotions and give yourself that hurt your relationship ahead of time. Even with treason husband or wife must use a sound approach to understand what you will do with the information obtained. It is not seldom the case that even if a woman has a lover, she manages to turn everything in their favor, and the man is still very long walks deceived by continuing to trust her, rather than file for divorce because of infidelity woman and start a completely new life. It is also very much to learn about a loved one will allow you to check on the loyalty that has always developed individually, and you will be able to follow this process.

When to use a lie detector

Polygraph test can be used in any situation where there is a need guaranteed to hear the truth from the person, or just understand that he openly lying. But mainly for our practice lie detector is used when checking the risk factors in the process of hiring new staff, while checking those who are already working with you as a perfect being investigated in the company of theft or embezzlement. In these situations, we can also tailor-make a selection of questions, the answers to which you want to get from scanned people.

And since most of the service is used by entrepreneurs and companies, they are also quite often concern about industrial espionage, which does not skimp on the use of a wide variety of tools used to spy on a person. With the tie, we are always ready to offer you the use of our unique antiproslushki. But it is necessary to say at once that this is not some sort of device, and a routine check of premises to identify eavesdropping devices, but which gives a guaranteed result, because we have everything you need to anywhere and in any situation to detect wiretapping of mobile phones. Search bugs - it's not just the owner of Blessed own company, but a mandatory measure, which must necessarily take advantage of anyone who even if only just began to suspect that he was under surveillance photo. The only way you can prevent the infiltration of spies and reduce the possibility of collecting information from the databases own company.

Find people on initial information


wanted peopleNo matter for what reason exactly you need to find the last name of a person, you can always count on our part in the wanted people. Modern working conditions often require the ability to search databases phones people, especially when you just need to find out the address on the phone. But even if we have the opportunity to find a person by phone number, search for people by name and would not be superfluous, especially when it comes to locating the relatives.




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