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To date, wiretapping is a pretty important issue. Privacy, important contracts, negotiations - it is confidential information that many do not wish to disclose. How to determine the wiretap? You begin to notice the leak important information such important contracts are broken, some people are aware of your life more than they should be. Have you noticed some work around your home, office or car, because to install the wiretap is necessary to carry out a number of specific robot.

If you have a problem with a leak of confidential information , the staff of the detective agency " Private detective Ternopil" to help you ! They will take all necessary measures aimed at the discovery of listening devices . Today, there are two kinds of listening : listening to the phone and premises. According to the same categories of shares and protection from eavesdroppers .

Most often, such a service is provided by:

· Owners of large and small businesses ;

· Organizations that do not wish to disclose confidential information ;

· Companies that are engaged in secret development ;

· People who do not want their privacy invaded by outsiders ;

· And many others ( large companies or individuals ) .

Wiretapping is the hidden room installation bug in the room. Today, thanks to new technologies , there is so little that the discovery of listening devices has become an art form . For example , there are bugs to listen to that mask for home decoration, is embedded in the wiring or a landline phone. How to detect a bug , if it is very small and perfectly camouflaged ? For a person who does not understand this , such a task is not able to do.

Wiretapping landline phone needs to connect to telephone wires , and keep track of it is not very hard. But with the mobile phone is more complicated. Now there are a large number of special programs for listening to your phone. It was once when the phone is connected tipster , it could be heard a click and crackle quiet . With new technology now it is totally silent . With the help of modern programs can not only listen to incoming and outgoing calls, read messages , and even monitor the movement of the user and determine its location. In such a situation to find yourself listening devices virtually impossible. The way out of this situation is antiproslushka number - a number of activities to detect eavesdropping programs and bugs , which are produced using special Jammer gsm, bugging detectors and other devices.

Together with other services of detective agencies , such as the polygraph test or surveillance , protection against eavesdropping gives excellent results . So you can not only find the source of leaks of information , but also to find people who are interested in it .

Detective Agency " Private detective Ternopil" provides services such as checking the premises for wiretapping , anti devices for listening antiproslushka phone. For assistance, contact our agency, you will be quiet because the check property area of your permanent and temporary residence makes sure that your personal and business information will remain confidential.