We are investigating for anonymous clients

We are ready to work incognito with clients

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Everyone who goes to our organization for help, can get all the information about what is a detective agency "Private detective Ternopil" who he is, how it works. We specialize in providing private investigator, as well as provide assistance to businesses and individuals in any non-standard situations.

In our work we adhere to these principles:

· Complete secrecy of the information the customer provides us with :

· Complete client confidentiality ;

· A detailed written report on the work is transferred to the client in any convenient way .

The activities of our detective agency extends almost the entire globe. Even if the customer is in one of the world , and the information to be collected in the other, we will do everything in our power so that the client was satisfied . We have the agents on all continents of the world : Australia , Africa, North and South America , Europe and Asia . Yet the main activities of the agency is in the territory of Ukraine.

The main advantages of our detective agency :

· We guarantee the confidentiality of our clients , while working do not advertise the names and orders ;

• If you need to find some information concerning certain individuals (eg , spouses ) , our staff will find it ;

· The collected information is provided to the customer and is not transferable ;

· We are engaged in gathering information for the litigation ;

· To solve this problem we will use all personnel that may be useful ;

· Each case is treated individually , we in the shortest line ;

· The opinion clients, we are not imposing , and give them the opportunity to decide how to deal with the situation.

The main disadvantage of any private detective agency is that its services are paid. Therefore, it must be remembered that the information and it will require complete confidentiality of certain material costs , the minimum amount which 250 cu

Our team

In our agency work only highly qualified professionals engaged in this activity for more than 10 years, people who have previously worked law enforcement agencies and are specially trained . We hire only the most skilled workers.

In a team of private investigation agency " Private detective Ternopil" work such professionals : lawyers, graphology , criminologists , psychologists , detectives, operational staff and other specialists. If necessary, we ask for help from professionals of different fields of activity.

Official services or private detective

No one is saying that the private search for better law enforcement official . Our organization are specialists , who previously served in the state law enforcement agencies . Therefore, we can safely say that our professionals have the same high level of specialization , as workers of the official services . But unlike the law enforcement agencies , we are able to focus on a particular problem with which we have been approached . We also often call for help from formal services that our work would be most effective. Of course, and a private agency , and law enforcement agencies have their pluses and minuses. And we do not hide it from our customers.