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Investigation of crimes on the Internet

Internet - a boundless environment where virtually no control over the flow of information. Therefore, the network is becoming more common computer crimes - crimes that are committed with the help of computer technology. A victim of crime in the network can be not only new, but also quite experienced user.

Fraudsters on the Internet extortion , threatening to lock the computer or destroy an electronic database , commit theft of property , spread pornography, material that compromise the legal or natural persons , send out false reports of terrorist attacks.

In today's world of online crime committed more than a street theft. Therefore, people who have been victims of online fraud , often wonder , "Where to complain to the Internet Scam ? " Real help in finding online scams gives you a detective agency " Private detective Ternopil ." We have specially trained staff who are proficient in computer technology at the highest level and know how to calculate the hacker. Extensive experience in this area will help prevent fraud on the Internet , find the perpetrators and bring them to justice .

Schemes online divorce for money

Many people think that cyberhawks mainly prey on large enterprises that possess valuable or sensitive information , wealthy businessmen . But in fact it is not. Fraudsters on the Internet are very inventive , they have developed a lot of schemes , which are bred by people with money . The most common of these are :

· Scams inventing stories and forging facts: the extortion of money ostensibly to help the victims of the fire , sick children , the disabled , the homeless animals.

· Fake online stores that are selling products on a prepaid basis . After making the money you do not get the goods, but the store owner does not get in contact.

· Fraud on the Internet , which causes an SMS to unlock the account on the network , or to cure your computer from viruses .

· Cheating on certain stock exchanges or trading platforms for transactions .

· Cheating on copies of sites known payment systems , with similar web addresses , etc.

From the above scheme shows that the scammers on the Internet hunt almost every person. Detective Agency " Private detective Ternopil" will protect your online space from all sorts of attacks. Our staff will help you avoid becoming a victim of online fraud , and if it has already happened , then we will find kiberpristupnikov and bring them to justice .

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